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2nd Annual Damon/Magee Home Haunt 2004

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Your Rotten Hosts
Plus Size Stripper Laura, Demon Mike, Zombie Vet Michelle and Redneck Zombie Bill

As many of you know, last year my family held our first large home haunt at my home in Worcester MA. This year, we switched venues and decided to have our 2004 haunt at my brother's home in Blackstone MA. Early on it became apparent that it would take a concerted effort on behalf of my brother and I to make our vision a reality. Our first meeting and planning session was held on August 8th. Over the next 3 months, we had many sleepless and/or long nights building and planning the haunt. Our vision was about 4 times the size of our 2003 haunt. This included changing every room of my brother's house into it's own separate horror theme. I figure the best way of sharing and passing along the details of our haunt would be to give you a walk thru of each area starting with the front yard. Be sure to check out the pictures on pages 2 and 3 of the site. The navigation bar is at the top on the leftside. Also, be sure to click on all the links as they will add to experience of this site and be sure to have your speakers on. I added music for each page. Just a sampling of the soundtrack that we used for the Haunt.

The Haunt Begins/ Our haunted yard and porch


As guests entered the front yard they could hear the sounds of Midnight Syndicate and all of their ambient and atmosheric best haunt music intercut with the sounds from Evil Dead saying “Join Us….Join Us”. I had wanted to do some interesting fog effects and ended up making my very own fog vortex. This was created by setting up a fog machine in front of a specially altered holiday image projector. I chose a blue light as I felt it gave an eerie glow. The effect worked well and many people hadn’t a clue on how I achieved it. Simple but effective.

Here is a link to see how you can achieve this effect and see some pics of the vortex in action.



As they progressed up the path I had grave stones painted with floresent green paint as well as some home made zombie arms also with the same green paint. In front of those I placed a blacklite to illuminate them and also to bring to life some cheese cloth ghosts that I created that were hanging in the trees with their cheesecloth whipping in the breeze. The porch area had a green light bulb in the lamp to illuminate a sign on the door. The sign instructed guests to sign a guest register to their left. The book was placed on a black table that held two jack o’lanterns (carved as oogie boogie and the pumpkin king) and a shelf that supported a skull with cob webs.  What our guests did not see was that the shelf was actually a support for a curtain dressed in the same material as the rest of the table which concealed one of the hosts. The book was just a distraction for said host to fling back the curtain and give out a good scare. A boo-door of sorts. This worked very effectively as many people jumped and yelled after a scare was given. This set a good tone to the fact that guests might want to stay on their toes.


Ghouls and Ghosts Outside the Haunt
Demon F.U.B.A.R. and Some Props in the Yard

Our Boo Door
Lurking Behind The Curtain Is Pure Evil!

Entryway/ Haunted Room 


After surviving the porch area, guests entered into the house. Their first sight was a sign stating “I’d turn back if I were you!”. This was the main seating area of our home,  which was normally the living room. To the right we constructed “St. Teresa’s Cemetery”. Half the room was divided off by an old, dilapidated cemetery fence with a sign that hanged crookedly. Amongst the half dozen tombstones, including a 4 foot gothic cross and thick, clinging fog (courtesy of my home made fog chiller) was our beautiful flying crank ghost. If you are not familiar what this is, see this link;


We decided early on that we wanted to get into some animatronic or pneumatic props and settled on building The Flying Crank Ghost. In all, my brother did a fantastic job at building and setting up this beauty. I helped in the creation of the marionette, but the actual work of the crank and building of the mechanics was all big bro. The ghost became the most obvious thing to base this room and a story around. Michelle had purchased a Haunted portrait from Haunted Ventures .com.


Check it out here under haunted portraits 1 and click on Granny Hazel to see the one we got ;


These portraits are really effective at adding some subtle effects that people really liked and it gave us an actual person to base a story off of for the Crank Ghost. We angled a light above the picture and people had to look twice to see if they saw right. 



What we did was create a backstory that our guests could read that explained more about “Hazel”, the women in the picture and the ghost haunting our cemetery, and why she became the restless spirit that they saw in front of them.


Here is the story that I wrote myself;



The Somber Story of Hazel De La Croix


It can be said that it is a somber story, that of Hazel De la Croix. Hailing from France, Hazel set forth to America at the age of 20 in 1885 looking for a prosperous life with her new husband Guy. The happy couple settled in the town of Blackstone Massachusetts, in the very house you entered tonight. Some 12 years after the joyous event of the birth of their first child, Francois  in 1887, Hazel started to suspect her husband of being unfaithful. On a night just like tonight and on this very date, Hazel followed her husband back from the house of the women she suspected Guy to be cheating. Her plan was to beat her husband into the house, using the back door and position herself at the front entryway to confront him. In a jealous rage, she grabbed her husband’s shotgun and waited for him to enter. Without reason or remorse, Hazel pulled the trigger of the double barrel shotgun as soon as she heard the doorknob turn. As the smoke cleared, Hazel opened the remains of the door to spy her 12 year old son, Francois , lying flat on the ground with a huge gaping wound in the center of his chest. Poor innocent Francois was instantly killed and his shocked father stood by the driveway watching in disbelief. Hazel in a fit of rage and anguish, ran to her husband and struck him on the head over and over with the shotgun. Hazel finished the task by walking back into the house and failing to find more shells, she took the first thing that could strike a lethal blow. Armed with a pair of scissors, she returned to Guy and thrust the scissors into her cheating husband’s head.  As the result of the shotgun blast, the police came and found an insane Hazel clutching the lifeless form of Francois. Asylum personnel were called in and Hazel was committed to The Shady Oaks Rest Home where she remained until her release at the age of 85. The above photo was taken of her at the asylum on the day of her release. Some say upon viewing this picture that in the right light, they swear to see her in a vicious, evil manner. Fateful as it may be, this house stood vacant at the time she was released, so Hazel, recalling that horrible night some fifty one years before, forced herself into the house. Tortured with the ghosts of her past and reliving the feelings of horror, Hazel was overcome with grief. Using some rope that had previously been used to tie some bushes outside, Hazel made a noose and went about to ending her miserable existence exactly where she killed her own dear Francois. All of the inhabitants of this house since Hazel’s suicide say they have felt a certain presence in this house. One fueled by rage and insanity. Some even swear to have seen a floating apparition in St Teresa’s cemetery behind this house, in the very section that Hazel was buried. No one can say what this restless soul is capable of, even from beyond the grave.  


Please note the HHN  (Halloween Horror Nights) reference “Shady Oaks Rest Home”. We also hung a noose in the entryway to help wrap up the story. We hung black fabric all over the walls over the entertainment center to create an outdoor feel to the cemetery. We completed the outdoors feel by putting real dried leaves over the cemetery floor and bringing in some branches and grass tuffs. The main music source for the party was played in this room which was a grand total of 81/2 hours of Halloween themed rock, techno, horror movie scores, Midnight Syndicate and movie and T.V sound bites cut in between. Overall, this room worked out nicely and we felt that the Crank Ghost was a favorite of many guests. I know I could sit and watch her for hours. Once again, these pictures just don't do her justice, but trust me, she is a thing of beauty and an excellent prop if you are interested in building one yourself.

Our Flying Crank Ghost
Restless Spirit Hazel De La Croix
Another Look at the Ghost
Still Pictures Will Never Do it Justice

The Mummy Hallway


Very early on in the planning process, Michelle said that she would like to see something Egyptain this year with some hieroglyphics and paintings. From there I got the idea of making it the whole hallway and have a mummy in there somewhere too. After deciding to make separate themed areas, this only made sense. Bill had the plan to make the hallway about twice the length and then we naturely had to do the ceiling and floor too. I took this project on and really got into hand painting the hieroglyphs and all the paintings which took about 25 hours to complete. It was also very fun to make the mummy face, hand and scarabs.

The outside walls of this hallway that could be seen in the haunted room described above were painted black. The important thing that we were trying to do with this Mummy hallway was to extend what is a 8 foot hallway and make it 15 feet. We did this by making false 8’ walls out of 2X4s and tacked on card board. Over the cardboard we placed a special wallpaper that had a old tomb-like stone brick pattern on it. So we made in all 4 –8’ wall sections that I personally hand painted Egyptian hieroglyphs, a 2 foot winged scarab, a 5 foot tall Anubis, and right out of the Mummy “death is only the beginning” in hieroglyphs. I created life size scarabs (7 in total) out of clay and painted them with metallic gold and metallic blue paint. They came out great and looked exactly like the ones in the film. The ceiling was of hanging burlap to create a constricting feel and we hung the same burlap in strips on each entrance (haunted house style). We had a hanging flickering cauldron in the corner of each entrance to give that firelight feel which was very effective. The floor was done in the same wallpaper over cardboard to complete the tomb feel and I added a sand covered finish on the sides to help sell the indoor/outdoor tomb feel. So with every tomb there has to be a mummy. So we felt the easiest way to have a mummy in a tight hallway was to have him breaking out of a wall. We achieved this by making holes in the wall in two areas. In one hole I created a mummy face and had him peering out with extremely lifelike eyes and a pissed off manner. The other hole had his hand reaching out just above the guest’s heads. I rounded out the walls by have signs stating that if you touch Prince Imhotep or his scarabs you would be eternally cursed! The other sign was from an Egyptologist that deciphered the heiroglyphs to read “BEWARE OF THE CURSE”. The very last wall that would lead guests into the dining room was half covered in vines, leaves and forest-like substances to help set up the next scene and help blend it all together.

Part of Our Mummy Hallway
Please Do Not Disturb Prince Imhotep

5' Hand Painted Anubis
Some Of My Art In the Mummy Hallway

The Blair Witch Room


As guests left the Mummy hallway, they immediately saw the sign “Welcome to the historic village of Burkittsville 1824”. What was our most effective prop from last year would be the center piece for our dining room. Past the sign guests saw amidst the flashes of a strobe light, the Blair Witch in all her glory. She hung in the corner swaying slightly in the breeze of a well placed fan. What my brother did was to create what you never saw in the films which was based of this artwork for the Blair Witch Legend ;


The face was very skull like with thick crown of branches on her head and sickly gray hair clinging to them. Among her skeletal hands were sharp nails and the signature stick figures hanging on ropes from the fingers. Her red gown was flowing to the breeze just above a forest floor complete with real dried leaves, twigs and pine needles. Branches and real trees finished the illusion that you had entered the witch’s lair. More of the Blair Witch stick figures hung from the ceiling and poster boards explaining the Blair Witch legend and the disappearances of the 3 Montgomery College students were hang on the walls. On a table draped in black fabric we had a 4 foot toe pincher coffin that was used as a cooler for what we referred to as “death potions” or beer for all you mortals. We had a blue light behind the coffin to help round out the ambience.

The Blair Witch

Don't Let Her Put A Hex On You!

The Kitchen/ Party Hub


So, our initial idea for the haunt was to have every room done up with a theme. After thinking about how every party seems to end up in the kitchen, we re-thought this idea. The beauty of my brother’s house is that the kitchen in central to five doorways, thus making a hub of sorts. What we wanted to do is to create a brighter, less scary kitchen atmosphere were people could converse with relative ease and still be in a haunt. What we ended up doing was to create various posterboards that were somewhat interactive IE;  What is your favorite Horror Film? Where guests could write down their picks. I created the board which featured a collage of color images from the very best spookfests I could think of. Another board explained the rules to our small costume contest in spooky fonts and bloody drips and handprints. We also had assorted body parts in small jars and bottles on a shelf covered in spider webs, a 12”or more diameter home made spider complete with real hair and eight eyes dangling from the ceiling in a corner over the main food display. And to commemorate the recent World Series victory of our beloved Boston Red Sox, I created a tombstone that sat in the kitchen announcing “Rest In Peace, THE CURSE 1918-2004. It featured a Red Sox logo on the top and at the bottom, crossed out logos of the Angels, Yankees and Cardinals. Many baseball fans appreciated the tombstone. While the party hosts were just happy that the Sox finished off the Cards in under 5 games, because game 6 was scheduled for the night of the party. Whew!  

The main food was set up on the counter area and featured the following items;


Road Kill Chicken Salad Sandwich- Chicken salad with BBQ sauce on finger roll


Sea Monster vs Attack of the Killer Tomatoes- Tuna salad with slices of tomato on finger roll


Evil Embryo and Swamp Grass Sandwich- Egg salad with watercress tea sandwiches


Tortured Turkey with Mustard Gas and Bee Venom- Honey mustard turkey wrap


Baked Beans and Brains- traditional baked beans with scrambled burger meat


Loaded Spooky Spud Salad- loaded potato salad of course


Tube Worm and Mutated Vegetable Salad- Pasta salad with an assortment of veggies


Funky Fromage Fondue with Salty Skin Chips- Salsa cheese dip with ghost shaped tortilla chips


And as a prank I purchased a latex pizza with a screaming face stretching out of the center, which I placed in a real pizza box with actual fast food paper and all. Got a few laughs with this gag. Well worth the $9 I paid. We also had a punch that had ice hands in it for a spooky effect. All the food was made by bro’s girlfriend Laura and sis Michelle.


Lighting in the kitchen was a purple bulb and a green bulb. Bright, but not too bright.


Now on to the real nice thing about the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier, there are a total of 4 entry ways leading out of the kitchen (5 including the haunted room addressed earlier). We had a separate themed scene for each. I’ll discuss each here;


The Exorcist Room


Early on, Bill and I discussed what fears we wanted to see exploited and he asked me what I thought. One film that has hit a nerve with me ever since the age of 8 or so, is (go figure) The Exorcist. He laughed and we jotted the idea down, with no real thought that it would become a reality. Well, big brother got thinking and figured that it might not be such a crazy thought afterall. He came up with this great idea on how to have a possessed Regan levitating off the bed in his bedroom. Originally, she was to be just sitting in bed with some padding on the bedposts and her arms strapped also. I had to see this to believe he could make her levitate. He blew me away with his plan and it’s simplicity. I won’t give it away here (contact us it you really want to know how to accomplish this), but after I saw the design drawing, I knew it would work and it would kick ass! Our plan for completing the room and atmosphere was to have a traditional kids bedroom like in the film and mostly make the bed the focus. We did this by having a light with purple bulb at the foot of the bed just below her. This caused a nice bunch of shadows to form on the walls and ceiling. Attention to subtle details was the thing that made this room, along with some audio effects, which I’ll touch on later. By subtle effects I mean, like a black upside down cross placed on the wall to Regan’s right and a mirror to her left on a night side table that had the image of Captain Howdy in it. This was a easy optical effect that got many responses. The audio that I mentioned earlier brought the whole thing together and added a lot of life and shock. What we did was to have a discreetly hidden CD player with actual sound bites from the film of the possessed Regan yelling and spouting off with her vulgar lines. We timed it so that there was a random space of around 3 minutes to 7 minutes in between each sound bite so that people were caught off guard by the sometimes load retort. Many people were shocked by the randomness and sudden colorful language. Very effective!  As a housekeeping sign, outside the room, we posted a sign stating : “Regan MacNeil and Captain Howdy would appreciate if you did not smoke in the house. If you do so you will be Exorcised out of the party” It was completed with pics from the film showing Regan vomiting and looking particularly evil.



What's New?

Regan MacNeil
Please Note Captain Howdy In The Mirror

The Power Of Christ Compels You!!!
Side View Of Regan

Back Entry/ Alien Anal Probe


The next door , which was the back entrance, had a scene of a space alien standing over Cartman (South Park) while he was anally probing him. Last year, Bill created the alien head, torso and arms. It came out really nice and we wanted to utilize it again. Another thing we wanted to do is to create a scene that lightened things up a bit, kind of some comic relief. Everything else up to this point was of a scary tone so we had to add some humor. Bill originally thought about creating a human looking subject for the alien to probe, but a friend (thanks K) mentioned it would be the perfect spot for Cartman. So after thinking about how we could do this, we figured it could be done and must people will recognize Cartman too. Turns out that the Cartman prop came out so good that many people could not believe I made it from scratch. So, the scene looked like this; upon looking in the doorway, guests saw the large head and skinny body of the alien intruder standing over a screaming Cartman. Cartman's head being about the size of a basketball and a body with a propped up, naked butt in the air receiving the “HoopaJoob” or anal probe for those of you not familiar with Chef’s colorful description. We created the “Hoopajoob” by melding a suction tip from Michelle’s work (Vet’s ER) and some parts from an aquarium pumping kit including some plastic tubing. It came together pretty easy and had some nasty looking sharp parts on it and a very cool effect; two blinking LED lights on the handle, one yellow, one green. The whole rig went from poor Cartman’s bottom up into the aliens hands and over his shoulder where the tubing mounted on the wall. The walls were covered in aluminum foil to help reflect a green strobe light that we had in the room. To finish the scene we draped the table that Cartman was on with blue operating room linens and I put a plasma globe on the table to give an alien-like look. We also  had a housekeeping sign outside this room stating that “failure to place trash in the proper receptacles would result in an anal prop from Mr. Alien Intruder. And he will like that” Overall; the scene was a big hit and did it’s job in lightening up things a bit.

Anal Probes For All!
Cartman and the Hoopajoob!

The Scarecrow Room


Onward around the kitchen to doorway #3 we have the evil scarecrow room. Last year, Bill’s costume was an evil scarecrow, so he thought that it would be cool to use this costume and build a prop from it. It was actually the first major prop to be created too. I believe it took about a week of on and off work by Bill and was completed on August 21st. It stands 8 feet all and is a scary sight indeed.


The room consisted of four 6-7”cornstalks hung in the doorway and into the room to create a cornfield look. In the middle of the display was the eight foot tall cross and ol’ Mr. Scarecrow menacingly hanging. We placed a yellow light in the room for atmosphere and a black background behind him with a full moon on it. The floor had moss and leaves on it to create an outdoor-like feel. The cool thing about this prop is that it is the size of a man and it might just be a real person up there that is going to spring to life and scare you. Once again a cool use of something from last year in a different way. 


Evil Scarecrow
Care To Enter His lair!

The Blood Bath


The last of our scenes was the bathroom. It was probably assumed by most guests that the bathroom is off limits to scares and that it is a “safe zone” of sorts. Not at this haunt baby! If fact, I wanted to catch them off guard and give them the goriest of all the scenes here and we delivered. Last year, I purchased a life sized half eaten human head and torso from the local Halloween outlet. It is an extremely gory and lifelike prop that was used sparingly last year and I wanted to use him (nicknamed Edgar) in a major way this time. What I did was hang him and other assorted body parts (an arm, leg, hand, rib cage and peeled away skin from a face) in the shower and have a murder scene complete with bloody walls and police tape. Bill even went as far as to make a female head to add to the bunch and made it look like her skin was all peeled off the face. I added a satanic twist to it by drawing a pentagram on the shower stall and lit two black candles on the ledge. I also filled the tub with an inch of water and added red food color and some chuck-like red foam pieces that looked like guts. I made all the blood from scratch and it sure looked like a real blood bath by the time I was finished!


Other things I added to this room were red light bulbs and some funny zombie survival board that I made. I am a huge zombie movie fan and found these to be very funny reading. Here is a link for the poster;

Click Here For The Zombie Warning Site

Another fear that we had discussed exploiting was the fear of bugs. Bill (and Tony)  had made the rather large, hairy spider in the kitchen, but I wanted to make some subtle props for the bathroom. What I did was make 5 cockroaches out of clay and fishing line (for antennae) and painted them a nasty brown color. I hung them on the walls across from the toilet and posted a sign saying “They’re Creeping Up On You!!!” ala  the film Creepshow. I was so surprised how many people noticed them and  remarked how nasty they were. Funny really, because these were somewhat last minute, nothing props that we threw together. Fun times!

Blood Bath!!!!
More Gore the Better!!!

Misc. Notes




We had some really good costumes in the bunch. Here are some of the most memorable;


The Green Monster and NE Patriots QB Tom Brady – All green clothes, face paint including hair and a home made wall scoreboard complete with the score for the game 7 victory over the Yankees. Tom Brady was actually a very petite girl that stood maybe 4’8”.


We had two really good hippies that won Honorable Mention in the costume contest.


Bad Santa and his Ho Ho Ho were the third place winners


The Revenge (character from Titus)- including helmet with 6 real steak knives coming out the top. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of this contest winning costume.


Father Away and Sister Superior- Great catholic father and nun costumes


Ass Backwards and Inside out- One woman had a fake ass on the front of her and a bra on her back. I believe her clothing was all inside out too.


Crazy Tourist- some crazy guy in tourist gear who kept asking people if they wanted to see his scary face. Hmmm….don’t ask me!


Tigger and 60’s Go-Go Dancer- the dancer was a guy.


A Cowgirl and Cow that were very large inflated costumes that had their very own internal fans.


A Bald Vampire and Bloody Devil.


A Surfer that had been attacked by a shark, complete with missing arm.


A Stoner Scream Killer- ala Scary Movie.


A Surgeon


A Cowboy


And of course your hosts;


Mike- Green Demon

Bill- Redneck Zombie

Laura- A Very Large Stripper

Michelle- A Zombie Vet


And many others which are too numerous to list here. Sorry if I left you out!


Overall Post Haunt Thoughts and Notes


After the dust had settled and the goblins and demons were all gone, it can safely be said that this year’s Haunt kicked major ass. Bill and I came thru with the props and Michelle and Laura did a fantastic job with the food to deliver a memorable home haunt for us and our guests. It was a lot of work and effort, but it is very fun to do this each year. Our creative impulses helped us expand and broaden our haunt horizons and we did so much more than we ever thought we were capable of. I now know I am much more of an artist than I ever knew. Wonder what next year will bring. Who can really say . I will say that even in the midst of working on this year’s props, Bill was saying he had ideas already for Home Haunt #3. Venue? Who knows, maybe somewhere new?


This web site was designed to help relive the haunt for those who were able to attend and to help give an idea of how out haunt was for those who couldn't. I was only able to post pictures of the haunt this time, but I really wanted to post some video too. Unfortunatly, our computer won't allow it right now, but I might post some later. I'll be sure to let you know when I do. The pictures don't do the flying crank ghost justice (as well as half the props) and we don't have any pictures of the fog vortex. Some of the best effects were captured on video though and hopefully I can post some soon.  


A big thanks to everyone that put up with us over that 3 month span and everyone that helped out with ideas and inspiration (you know who you are). Special thanks to Amber Gentile for helping out with the contest prizes and Dave Magee for building the fabulous coffin cooler. Special thanks to Tony (Pvt. Joker) Karait for the help on the spider and the Boodoor.And I hope all of our family and friends who made the descent into our HELL enjoyed our Haunt. Let us know what you thought and what you might like to see at future haunts. Contact us at


A BIG shout-out to all my buddies at Chainsaw Wolf






at HauntFreaks



(you guys keep me haunting year round) as well as my buds on XBOX Live (hopefully this website will give you an ounce of understanding to where ol’ F.U.B.A.R. went for three months).


Until Haunt Season 2005

Cheers everyone!!!



 F.U.B.A.R. aka Mike Damon, Bill Damon, Michelle Damon, Laura Magee


Please be sure to look at the pictures on

pages 2 and 3.

Please get in touch with me with any comments or reactions to my site. You can reach me at